April Income Report

Joy Street Studio April 2017 Income Report

April 2017 Highlights

April was a pretty quiet month for me on Etsy. I had two sales and they were actually in person. A friend of mine from my local running group wanted two customized maps to give to her husband for their anniversary. They have a goal to run all five Abbot World Marathon Majors together. They've completed two: Chicago and Berlin, so she asked me if I could add the marathon routes to my maps.  Instead of doing the whole Etsy payment thing, I met her one morning and handed them off in exchange for cash.

Joy Street Maps Chicago Marathon Route

April 2017 By The Numbers

Okay, since this is the very first Income report, this will be my baseline. I'm not particularly savvy on getting seen, but if I figure things out, I'll be sure to share my new-found knowledge here.  So in April, I had 283 views on my Etsy shop. 266 of those were from the US.

So as I write this, this is the first time I've actually looked at where my traffic is coming from.  Most of it is from Etsy... surprise, surprise... but there are a couple of other interesting sources. Etsy Dallas is a local group that I'm involved with.  They have a much bigger reach than I do right now, so having them generate traffic for me is awesome!  Linktr.ee is a plugin that I'm using on Instagram so I can list both this website and my Etsy shop.  Dang Instagram provides space for only one URL, so Linktr.ee has been my new solution for that. And finally, www.heidyhenkedesigns.com... I'm going to have to look that one up!  How did two people find me from there?  I'll update this if I find out.

From looking at the Etsy reports in the past, White Rock Lake continues to be my most popular/most viewed item.  And to think, I almost didn't put this one in my Etsy shop.  Nick encouraged me to do it for a long time, but I thought it was too niche. Well, I guess niche is good. There aren't a lot of other options for this spot out there.

April 2017 Income

In-person: $130

April 2017 Lessons Learned

Customizing my maps takes time!!  I'd love to keep doing these things for free, but I have to be smart about my use of time, so after I customized the Chicago and Berlin maps for my running friend (I've done several other ones prior to this), I decided to create an add-on charge for customizations.  

In addition to creating a customization add-on, I put four items in my featured section.  I am incredibly slow to get around to fill in all the voids online (as you can tell from this website), but I sat down and knocked out a few things, including putting Chicago, White Rock Lake, Custom Maps, and Washington DC as my featured items. White Rock Lake was a no-brainer since it's my most purchased item and I wanted to highlight that I make original maps for sale as well. I randomly chose Chicago and Washington DC, so I'll keep an eye on the stats for those to see if it makes a difference being featured or not.