May Income Report


There were three main highlights of the month which had a serious impact on May's income and all three of them happened right at the beginning of the month. On May 4th, my maps along with projects from three other local artists, were featured on FOX4 News here in Dallas. Also on May 4th, one of my college sorority sisters featured my map of Seattle on her blog, the Daily Garnish- which has a substantial following- as part of a Mother's Day gift guide.  Finally, on May 7th, I did my very first craft show, the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash.  I also did my second show over Memorial Day weekend- a MUCH smaller event, but I still had a few sales. All in all, May was a really exciting month for me!

Etsy Dallas Spring Bash


Etsy changed the back-end information, including shop stats in May so the stats look a little different than last month. One of the main things they changed was total number of views to total number of visits.  The theory behind this is that visits represent individual people where as views could be one person viewing multiple things within your Etsy shop.  In their verbiage to Etsy Sellers, Etsy said that visits was a more accurate representation of your numbers.  With that said, I can't accurately compare this month's numbers to last month's numbers, however I know for a fact that May was a much busier month in terms of traffic on my Etsy shop.  The feature on FOX4 News and Daily Garnish caused a HUGE spike in the total number of visitors to my Etsy shop. According to Etsy, I had 674 total visits during the month of May.

May 2017 Etsy Site Visits

White Rock Lake still seems to be the most popular term people search on Etsy that leads people to my site. I have to reiterate that this is so niche that it makes my shop/that product very unique on Etsy.

May 2017 Etsy Most Searched Terms

Since I featured White Rock Lake, Chicago, Washington DC and original custom maps in my store in April, three of those became my most viewed items in my shop. The original custom maps took the win for most views, but White Rock Lake took the win for most orders. 

May 2017 Etsy Listings Most Visited
May 2017 Etsy Listings with the Most Revenue

Looking at how people came to my site, social media wasn't a huge driver this month, with only 7 visits from Facebook. Most people came to my site from a direct link.  The promotion of the Spring Bash through the Etsy Dallas website helped drive traffic to my site as did the shout out from Daily Garnish

May 2017 Etsy Social Media Links
May 2017 Etsy Traffic Sources
May 2017 Etsy Website Sources

As far as my customers go for May of 2017, people found me through the web on either their phone or on their desktop computer.  Very few people are using the Etsy app on their phone or tablet.

May 2017 Etsy Customers Devices Used.jpg

The US continues to be the biggest source of my customers, but I had a few from India and Canada.

May 2017 Etsy Customers Map

A new feature on the Etsy stats is what other items your customers are searching. In May, my customers were also searching custom wedding map, wedding map watercolor, engagement gift, Portland art, Seattle skyline, and baby. This new feature is a great tool for two aspects. One, if I ever decide to diversify my products, this gives me an idea of what my target audience is looking for; and two, some of these are great key words or tags that I could use to help drive more traffic to my site.

May 2017 Etsy Customers Searching for Other Items


Online Sales- $240
Craft Show Sales- $831
TOTAL: $1,071


Like I mentioned earlier, May was the month for my very first and second craft show. The Etsy Dallas Spring Bash has been around for a while and has gained enough traction in the community that makes this event a great craft show to vend in. The second event I participated in was much smaller and was actually part of a 5k race that supported a local camp. Most of the people attending this event were running the race, so generally speaking, they weren't in the mindset to shop. That being said, there wasn't a booth fee and the people putting on the event supplied just about everything I needed other than my products.  In other words, they provided the tent, tables, chairs, and they even provided breakfast and lunch. All of that definitely made up for my time and few sales.  While both events were completely different in every aspect, I had plenty to learn from each of them.

Wow, was it amazing to be featured on FOX4 and on Daily Garnish on the same day!  Both of these sources featured me without me reaching out to them, which was totally awesome.... but... you can't count on those events to carry you through the year. The traffic on my Etsy shop died down within a week or two of these occurrences.  So the lesson from here is, how to get my product out to people/sources who have a bigger reach than I do.  I have some thoughts and I will be sure to share how things go as I implement them.  The biggest hurdle for me right now is getting over the fear of people saying no.  But you aren't going to grow if you don't try!