Houston Map Now Available

With the announcement of the Houston map now available in my shop, I thought I would take the opportunity to share a memory related to the City of Houston. 

Although I've lived in Texas for ten years now, I've only been to Houston twice.  Once was for work and the other was to run the Houston Marathon.  Since the work trip wasn't that exciting, I thought I would share my experience with the Houston Marathon. The Houston Marathon is in January.  A few months prior, back in October, I ran the Chicago Marathon, which was my best race at the time.  While I finished strong, I ended up getting injured and spent the next few months recovering and not properly training for the Houston Marathon. Two of my running friends, Jessica and Alyson, and I flew down to Houston together and met up with a third friend, Lisbeth, down there. I had super low expectations for my performance. Jessica, Lisbeth, and I were running the full while Alyson switched her bib a month or so prior to run the half, so the three of us who were running the full gathered together early race-day morning and decided to just take it easy.  The horn blew and we were off.  Jessica and I lost Lisbeth within the first quarter of a mile, but the two of us managed to stay together the entire race.

Houston Marathon

The course took us through several nice neighborhoods, by the Rice University campus, and into industrial areas. The day was sunny and warm- the worst running conditions in my opinion.  Jessica and I walked when we needed to walk and ran when walking became too painful.  After five rough hours, we finally crossed the finish line- a far cry from a personal best, but I definitely couldn't have survived it without Jessica there by my side every step of the way and meeting up with Alyson and Lisbeth in the finisher's area. Having friends there for you definitely makes any journey worthwhile. After a quick bite to eat and showers to wash off the sweat, Jessica, Alyson, and I were off to the airport to head back to Dallas.  It was a quick trip to Houston- less than 24 hours, but we saw a lot of sites by foot and had a great time with friends.

Progress of the Houston Map