July Income Report


I'm still playing catch-up on these income reports. Now that we are almost at the end of August, I figured I'd go ahead and get July's income report out.  July was a bit of a quiet month for me and my shop.  I had a 4th of July sale/coupon code, but nobody ended up using it.  I did have a couple of sales shortly after the holiday weekend, but the rest of the month was void of sales, and honestly, production time on the map making. Between a road trip and working on home improvement projects, the biz was on the back burner for most of the month. I think I needed a production break after I whipped out Portland and Houston is record time.


The total visits to my Etsy shop were down from June's 152, but the drop wasn't particularly significant. Being the middle of summer, I don't think a lot of people are doing a ton of shopping, so the small dip isn't much of a surprise.

As with my history, most of my shop visits came from the US.  Nothing from Europe this month, but I did have two visits from Canada and five visits from Australia.

Almost half of my visitors used the internet on their phone, followed by internet on a computer. Not sure if this makes much of a difference, but I wonder if viewing images on a phone versus a computer has any impact of customers moving forward with purchases.  Since my maps are super detailed, it is difficult to photograph the pieces well.  I've been thinking about hiring a product photographer to take a few pictures for me.  Maybe he or she could showcase my work better than I currently am. We'll see.  I'll keep you posted if I move forward on that!

Like last month, most of the people used Etsy to find my shop. The Linktr.ee link is in my Instagram feed.  It links to both my Etsy shop and this website.  I had 10 visitors get to my shop that way, or roughly 10%.  I would love to grow my Instagram following and have this be a larger traffic source, but the trick is to figure out how.  I currently don't post every day, and I know that is a critical component of Instagram. Perhaps I'll take some time and think about an Instagram/social media calendar. Balancing a full time job, producing the maps, tending to orders, and maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband make it difficult to find extra time to handle the social media aspects of the side hustle, but in today's world, it's an important link in the growth chain.

Somewhat surprising, outside the Linktr.ee link on Instagram, Pinterest was a source of traffic generation.  I think part of that has to do with this website.  I enabled the "post to Pinterest" social media option on anything I publish on this website, so I'm wondering if that drove people to my Etsy shop somehow.

Some of the things people were searching for that lead them to my shop include Berlin, White Rock Lake (no surprise there), and Seattle. Nothing particularly ground-breaking with this data this month.

These visitors were also searching for "planters", "olive tree", "daffodil painting", "sailboat watercolor print". "Dallas prints", and "Portland, Oregon painting".  Like last month, there isn't a ton of overlap that I can use for tags, but prints and painting are worth adding in to my tags.

And finally, White Rock Lake had the most visits, followed by Chicago and San Diego. San Diego got one like this month, as did Seattle. White Rock Lake had one order and Philadelphia had one order.


Etsy Sales: $70.00



While I would love for this side hustle to take off and be a sizable income for Nick and me, I'm okay with the slow rate of growth right now. It's hard to balance everything and things have to be sacrificed in order to grow quickly. This summer hasn't been the time for me to make those sacrifices.  I'm not saying I won't ever make sacrifices, but balance is more important to me today.  I am beyond grateful for the two sales I did have. Two people out there in the world saw my art and found it special enough to purchase.  That means the world to me. Thank you complete strangers!


Without a huge following via social media or on my email list, I wasn't able to hit a large audience with my Independence Day weekend sale.  That being said, Etsy just launched a new sale program, with a big event over Labor Day weekend.  I have signed up to be a part of that, so we'll see if the mass campaign of Etsy helps generate sales during the holiday weekend within my shop. I mentioned in a previous post that generating an email list is important, as is a social media following, so the more I grow these two traffic sources, the more I anticipate people taking advantage of sales and coupon codes.

Well, that's it for July!  I'll be back, hopefully sooner rather than later, with the August income report, after the month wraps up!  Until then, may you have a joyous day!