June Income Report


The summer has gotten away from me and I'm I bit behind on these Income Reports. So let's dive right into it.  The main highlight of the month was that I had some residual benefits from my friend, Emily's Mother's Day gift guide post on her blog.  One of her readers contacted me about commissioning an original map. This was super exciting while also giving me the opportunity to figure out some things that I don't typically deal with on my prints.


June had a slump in numbers compared to May, but that was a little expected, knowing that May had a surge from the blog post mentioned above, as well as the spotlight on FOX 4. Based on June of 2016, my total visits were up by 508%, so really, I can't complain!

As expected, most of my visits came from people in the US. 

And most people either used their computer or the internet on their phone (versus the Etsy app on their phone). 

From the internet, a majority of people found me through the Etsy website.  As you may know (because you would be reading this blog post on it), I have a website that generated very little traffic to my Etsy page. I need to figure out some tools and tricks to grow my website and either generate sales via the website or directing people from my website to Etsy. 

Social media wasn't a particularly strong source of how people found me.  Only 6 people came to my Etsy shop via social media and most of that was through my Facebook page. It's interesting because I've been trying to grow my Instagram page as my main social media source.  I will have to do some more research on how to drive traffic through Instagram versus other social media platforms. 

To get to my Etsy shop, people searched White Rock Lake the most. This seems to be a trend.  Again, being niche makes it more unique and easier to find on Etsy.  So the lesson out of this is to find more niche areas to make maps of!

Some other key words that people used in their searches included planter, olive tree, Dallas prints, and Portland Oregon painting.  Most of those aren't applicable to my shop, but the Dallas Prints and Portland Oregon painting are good key words that I should use, if I haven't already.

Based on what people searched that led them to my shop as well as historical data, it's no surprise that White Rock Lake was the most viewed item. Durham, Seattle, and Washington DC were also popular. 

Most Visited Listings June 2017

And finally, White Rock Lake generated the most sales (2) on my Etsy shop, followed by Seattle (1).  Not a huge sales month on Etsy, but it's better than zero!


Etsy Sales: $50.00
PayPal Sales: $175.00
TOTAL SALES: $225.00


My take-aways for June involves customers.  I get a lot of inquiries, all of which I respond to.  From that 95% of people fall off the face of the earth... or the internet. I had one potential customer who had two requests- Portland and Houston.  She was hoping to have them by the beginning of June so I BUSTED MY BUTT getting those two maps completed by the first of June.  We had been corresponding back and forth over the the course of nearly a dozen messages and as soon I as messaged her that they were both up in the store, all I heard were crickets. It can get super frustrating to put a lot of time and energy into something for someone that person not follow through, but I tried to keep a positive spin on it. Portland and Houston are places that other people would purchase, so not all was lost, but from that experience, I learned that:


It makes sound business sense to secure a deposit on your efforts to ensure that the customer is going to financially commit to your efforts.  I haven't instituted this quite yet- partially because I'm not sure how this would work with Etsy- but it would definitely save me the frustration of the story above happening again. 


Even though we had been going back and forth several times, I followed up twice more since I initially let her know the maps were live on my shop. I still haven't heard back from her, however, in the instance of the original order from the person who found me via the blog post, following back up did end up in a sale. Not every lead will end in a happy story, but none of them will if I don't at least make an extra effort to reach out one last time. 


I could have let the story of the Houston and Portland customer really get to me, but I didn't. It's not the end of the world that I didn't end up getting that sale.  As I mentioned above, Portland and Houston will sell with other customers and it showed me that if I was in a crunch, I could get a map done pretty quickly.  I'm not moving that fast right now by choice, but if I need to at some point, I know I could.  In the end, it's worth it to me to hold on to feelings of anger or frustration.  That doesn't serve anyone.  I did the best I could trying to close the sale.  Even through it didn't happen, it doesn't mean I won't sell anything else again in the future.