Ready or not, 2017 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, here I come!

Hey there!  I'm a little slow go get around to this blogging thing.  Well, in reality, I'm slow at getting around to finishing the website as a whole, but honestly, I didn't think anyone was all that concerned.

So, what's new with me. Well, I'm getting ready to do my very first ever craft show.

Etsy Spring Bash 2017 Promotion Banner.jpg

Oh my goodness, I'm feeling all the feelings!  80% of the time, I'm thinking I should bail on doing the craft fair.  I have SOOOOOO much to do to get ready, it's a bit overwhelming. Here's a list of what is left to do (really, this is for my own purposes- I'm sure anyone who is actually reading this doesn't give a hoot):

  • Finish and photograph the Houston map
  • Order prints from my fine arts printer
  • Order cardboard backing and clear bags to package the prints
  • Order merchandise bags
  • Get ribbon
  • Cut such ribbon
  • Create and order prints of "About the Artist" card
  • Get a credit card reader!!
  • Buy a table and chairs
  • Order fabric for a table cloth (DONE!!... but I can't figure out where the strike-out button is on this blog!)
  • Utilize slave labor on my mom when she comes to visit to have her turn the fabric into a table cloth (Gotta cut costs somewhere!  That, and she loves me so she's willing to help out!.... Love you Mom!)
  • Construct some sort of vertical element to hang prints and originals
  • Order frames and mattes for some of the originals
  • Assemble the frames, mattes, and originals
  • Get bins to put prints in (hello Container Store!)
  • Register with the City of Dallas or Dallas County as a Doing Business As
  • File whatever forms I need to, to collect sales tax for the state of Texas
  • Get a booth sign
  • Get lighting
  • Create price tags
  • Create a sales sheet of sorts
  • Lay out a 6' x 8' space in my garage and build my mock-up booth
Joy Street Maps Houston Progress

I'm sure I'm forgetting 30 other things to do.  It'll be the best that I can do in the next few weeks.  In all reality, I probably won't have the Houston map done in time and becoming a registered sole proprietor who collects sales tax likely won't happen before May 7th either.  I read last night that it takes several weeks for all the forms to be processed and I'm a little late to jump on that bus, so, to reduce the extra stress of things to do, I think I'll forgo those items until after the craft show is over and I'm not feeling rushed.  Fingers crossed that the State of Texas doesn't come after me for not collecting sales tax yet.  Have no fear, becoming a law-abiding official business is a goal of mine for 2017... it just isn't going to happen in the next 19 days.

And there you have it.  My very first blog post on my fancy new website. Check back soon to hear about the progress I've made, the results of the craft show, and to find out it I was sent off to prison for not becoming a registered business in time!